PhD 2017/2018

Doctoral Program in Bioengineering

Coordinator at FCT: Prof. João Paulo Crespo

e-mail: jgc@fct.unl.pt


Doctoral Program in Bichemistry

Coordinator: Profª. Maria João Romão

e-mail: pdbq.coordenador@fct.unl.pt


Doctoral Program in Biotechnology

Coordinator: Prof. Pedro Baptista

e-mail: pdbt.coordenador@fct.unl.pt

(in collaboration with Department of Life Sciences)


Doctoral Program in Refining, Petrochemical and Chemical Engineering

Coordinator at FCT: Prof. João Paulo Crespo 

e-mail: jgc@fct.unl.pt

2014/2015edition is hosted byFaculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto.

(in collaboration with AIPQR; Uni.Aveiro, FCT-Uni.Coimbra; FE-Uni.Porto; IST-UTL)


Doctoral Program in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

Coordinator: Prof. José Paulo Mota

e-mail: pdeqbq.coordenador@fct.unl.pt


Doctoral Program in Chemistry

Coordinator: Prof. João Carlos Lima

e-mail: lima@fct.unl.pt


Doctoral Program in Sustainable Chemistry 

Coordinator at FCT: Prof. Manuel Nunes da Ponte

e-mail: pdqs.coordenador@fct.unl.pt

More information here

(in collaboration with Uni.Porto and Uni.Aveiro)


Erasmus Mundus Doctoral Program in Membrane Engineering

Coordinator: Prof. João Paulo Crespo

e-mail: jgc@fct.unl.pt