Eurico José da Silva Cabrita

Professor Catedrático
Secção de Química
(+351) 212948358

Publicações Representativas

"Residue-specific NH exchange rates studied by NMR diffusion experiments" Brand T., Cabrita E.J., Morris G.A., Gunther R., Hofmann H.J., Berger S. , J Magn Reson , 187, 97-104, 2007

“Molecular Interactions and CO2-Philicity in Supercritical CO2. A High-Pressure NMR and Molecular Modeling Study of a Perfluorinated Polymer in scCO2” M. Temtem, T. Casimiro, A.G. Santos, A.L. Macedo, E.J. Cabrita, A. Aguiar-Ricardo, J. Phys Chem. B, 111, 1318-1326, 2007 

"Deacidification of paper using dispersions of Ca(OH)2 nanoparticles in isopropanol. Study of efficiency" S. Sequeira, C. Casanova, E.J. Cabrita J. Cultural Heritage, 7, 264-272, 2006.

"Intermolecular interaction as investigated by NOE and diffusion studies" T. Brand, E.J. Cabrita, S. Berger Prog. NMR Spectrosc., 46(4), 159-196, 2005..

“High resolution DOSY NMR with spins in different chemical surrounding: Influence of particle exchange” E.J. Cabrita, S. Berger, P. Bräurer, J. Kärger, Journal of Magnetic Resonance, 157, 124-131, 2002.

"Characterization of Reactive Intermediates by Diffusion-Ordered NMR Spectroscopy: A Snapshot of the Reaction of 13CO2 with [Cp2Zr(Cl)H]” N.E. Schlörer, E.J. Cabrita, S. Berger, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 41, 107-109, 2002. 


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