The Department of Chemistry (DQ), in its multiple laboratories and workspaces, aims to be a place where students and staff learn, live and work in a healthy and safe environment.

Everyone must be familiar with the hazards associated with equipment, the chemical compounds handled, whether in teaching or research activities and with safety procedures in case of accidents.

On this page, you will find information about Emergency Contacts and Safety Procedures. Please, read it carefully.

Emergency Contacts

  • European Emergency Number112 (24 h/day)
  • Poisoning Information Center (CIAV)(+351) 808 250 250 (24 h/day)
  • Firefighters (closest town: Trafaria): (+351) 212 950 093 | (+351) 212 950 216 (24 h/day)
  • Republican National Guard (closest town: Trafaria): (+351) 212 942 639 (24 h/day)
  • Security Service at FCT/UNL: internal phone ext. 13191 or (+351) 916 025 546 (24 h/day)


Procedures in case of accidents

Emergency Procedures

Information about the safety of chemicals products

Information about collection and destruction of wastes

Information on equipments of personal protection

Focal Point on Security Issues at DQ

Prof. Manuela Pereira, Phone: (+351) 212 948 300; Internal phone extension: 10952