Arquivo de notícias de June de 2018

High school students, Beatriz Bernardo, Carolina Gomes and Francisco Aves, from Colégio Valsassina, won two prizes: best oral communication prize in the FCT NOVA Challenge competition and the 3rd prize António Ribeiro of the XIII Congresso Nacional Cientistas em Acção. The research project has been developed under the supervision of Paulo Costa Lemos, Principal Investigator at LAQV-REQUIMTE in FCT NOVA.


The Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia - Universidade NOVA de Lisboa (FCT NOVA), coordinator of the European project for the development of technologies for the recovery and recycling of fluorinated gases - KET4F-Gas - hosted today, 11th June at 2:00 pm, the launch event of the project. The aim of the event is to show the objectives, activities and expected results of the project.