On February 12, 2019, at 9:00 am, researchers from the Chemistry Department at FCT-NOVA invite you to join their celebration of the Global Women’s Breakfast, in the Ágora Room at FCT NOVA.


Foram 140 alunos de várias escolas secundárias da região de Almada que deram corpo aos elementos químicos da Tabela Periódica, para celebrar a abertura oficial do Ano Internacional da Tabela Periódica dos Elementos Químicos.


Joana Dantas, junior researcher at the Biochemistry & Bioenergetics of Heme Proteins Lab, has been awarded the Prémio António Xavier 2018, for the best PhD Thesis conducted in Portugal in 2018, in the area of NMR, EPR or MRI.


Des Solutio is the spin-off created by Ana Rita Duarte, Associate Professor at the Chemistry Department at FCT NOVA and Principal Investigator of the des.solve research lab at LAQV, and Alexandre Paiva, FCT Investigator at LAQV-FCT NOVA. It aims to develop safer and greener alternatives to the chemicals that are usually used in the production of beauty, pharmaceutical, personal care and other products.


Teresa Santos Silva e Alexandre Paiva Explain the impact and relevance of their research work in impact.pub articles.