DQ - NOVA School of Science and Technology students win the 8th International Contest for Note by Note Cooking


The student of the Master of Science in Gastronomic Sciences at the NOVA School of Science and Technology, Rafael Antunes, and the student of the Doctoral Program in Food Sciences at the NOVA School of Science and Technology, Bruno Moreira Leite,  have just won the first prize at the 8th International Contest for Note by Note Cooking. Rafael Antunes and Bruno Leite are supervised by Paulina Mata, professor at the Chemistry Departament and coordinator of the Master in Gastronomical Sciences.


Rafael Antunes and Bruno Moreira Leite, presented two dishes in the competition, a main dish, the “Note-by-Note Bitoque”, and a dessert, the “Mille Molecules – Note by Note Dessert”, with the main dish being one of the winners of this edition of the competition.


The international competition, organized by AgroParisTech, is based on the hypothesis of Hervé This, a French chemist, who in 1994 proposed an innovative approach to cooking that would basically use pure chemical compounds, extracts and fractions, with no direct use of animal or vegetable tissues.