Alga4Food project at LAQV highlighted in the news


The project “ALGA4FOOD - Algae in Gastronomy - Development of innovative conservation and utilization techniques”, developed by LAQV researchers at FCT NOVA has been highlighted by the media in El País.

Alga4Food project aims to disseminate and value the benefits of the edible macroalgae of the Portuguese coast. The project team includes João Noronha and Paulina Mata, LAQV researchers, Mário Diniz from UCIBIO research unit, Bruno Leite and Bruno Campos, both students in the Food Science Doctoral Program, and Leonel Pereira from University of Coimbra.

Paulina Mata, coordinator of the Gastronomic Sciences Master Degree, says “we are the Alga4Food team, a program that aims to change the gastronomic habits. This project is not a project to the industry; we aim to encourage the use of algae in the preparation of food”.

João Noronha explains that “agriculture cannot feed 7 billion people, fish resources are running out and there are already many endangered species. The future of mankind's diet involves the use of algae”.


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