Raquel Viveiros awarded a YERUN Research Mobility Award


Raquel Viveiros, post-doctoral researcher at CleanMIPTech group from the Green Polymer Synthesis and Processing Laboratory at LAQV-REQUIMTE, has been awarded a YERUN Research Mobility Award. Her research is focused on developing affinity devices – Molecular Imprinted Polymers (MIPs) using green technologies such as supercritical carbon dioxide for several applications (environmental, sensing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, etc).

“This award will allow me to go to The National Centre for Sensor Research from Dublin City University to develop SMART MATERIALS FOR SENSING.  Working with other YERUN academics on a research project, promote multi-disciplinary research across the YERUN network, enrich the research and training opportunities in early career scholars within the YERUN network. This short trainingship will allow me to have a step-forward on my background, gaining experience, knowledge and know-how on novel sensors of interest for both groups involved”, explains Raquel Viveiros.

YERUN Researcher Mobility Awards are competitive awards for academics and researchers from PhDs studying at YERUN universities to early career and established academics. The programme provides support for researchers to undertake two weeks of research at one of the other YERUN partner institutions from a different country. In this first edition of the YERUN Research Mobility Awards there were 142 applications, and Raquel Viveiros was one of the 26 awardees.

Raquel Viveiros finished her PhD last November, in Sustainable Chemistry, under the topic Molecularly Imprinted Polymers and Their Application in the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) manufacturing. Her project was developed in collaboration between NOVA University of Lisbon and HOVIONE, under the supervision of Teresa Casimiro, principal investigator and head of the CleanMIPTech Lab at LAQV, in FCT NOVA, and William Heggie at HOVIONE. Raquel’s PhD thesis resulted in 3 scientific papers and 2 patents.
As part of the CleanMIPTech project team, she participated in the 2016 edition of the COHiTEC programme, a training program in technology commercialization that supports the valorisation of the knowledge produced at Portuguese R&D institutions. In 2011, Raquel Viveiros was part of the research team awarded with the SHIC'11 – Solvay & Hovione Innovation Challenge: "Molecularly Imprinted Devices for Purification of APIs" and in 2017, she was part of the winner team of the 11th DNA Cascais, Ideas and Business-CINC Competition (1st Classified in category Energy/Sea/Environment): "PURECleanMIP: Tailor-made purification solutions". 
More recently, she was one of the finalists of the 8th edition of Young Talents Competition «Almada, Educating City», an also of the 10th edition of Green Project Awards.