Hugo Miguel Baptista Carreira dos Santos

Assistant Researcher
Biochemistry and Biophysics Section
(+351) 212948300

Research Interests

Mass Spectrometry-based Proteomics
Mass Spectrometry Imaging - MSI
2D-Gel Electrophoresis
Off-gel IEF
Quantitative Proteomics
Biomarker Discovery
Kidney Diseases

Main Publications

"A novel O-18 inverse labeling-based workflow for accurate bottom-up mass spectrometry quantification of proteins separated by gel electrophoresis"
Santos, HM; Glez-Pena, D; Reboiro-Jato, M; Fdez-Riverola, F; Diniz, MS; Lodeiro, C; Capelo-Martinez, JL
Electrophoresis 31(20) 3407-3419 (2010)

"Decision peptide-driven: A free software tool for accurate protein quantification using gel electrophoresis and matrix assisted laser desorption ionization time of flight mass spectrometry"
Santos, HM; Reboiro-Jato, M; Glez-Pena, D; Nunes-Miranda, JL; Fdez-Riverola, F; Carvallo, R; Capelo, JL
Talanta 82(4) 1412-1420 (2010)

"Analytical Proteomics: An emerging field?"
Santos, HM; Lodeiro, C; Capelo, JL
Journal of Proteomics 73 (8) 1411-1414 (2010)

"Multi-agent System for Mass Spectrometry Analysis"
Reboiro-Jato, M; Glez-Pena, D; Santos, HM; Diniz, MS; Lodeiro, C; Capelo, JL; Fdez-Riverola, F
Advances in Intelligent and Soft Computing 71 87-95 (2010)

"An improved clean sonoreactor-based method for protein identification by mass spectrometry-based techniques"
Santos, HM; Mota, C; Lodeiro, C; Moura, I; Isaac, I; Capelo, JL
Talanta 77(2) 870-875 (DEC 15 2008)

"Improving sample treatment for in-solution protein identification by peptide mass fingerprint using matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass Spectrometry"
Santos, HM; Rial-Otero, R; Fernandes, L; Vale, G; Rivas, MG; Moura, I; Capelo, JL
Journal of Proteome Research 6(9) 3393-3399 (SEP 2007)