Maria Cristina de Oliveira Costa

Assistant Professor
Secção de Bioquímica e Biofísica
(+351) 212949663

Research Interests

Isolation and purification of metalloproteins.

Biochemical and spectroscopy (UV-visible, EPR and NMR) characterization of metalloproteins.

Biological reduction of perchlorate

Main Publications

1. M. Santos, M.M. Correia dos Santos, M.L. Simões Gonçalves, C. Costa, J.C. Romão and J.J.G. Moura
"Redox chemistry of low-pH forms of tetrahemic cytochrome c3".
J. of Inorg. Biochemistry (2006) 100, 2009-2016.

2. G.W. Pettigrew, S.R. Pauleta, C.F. Goodhew, A. Copper, N. Margaret, J. Kornelia, H.E. Stephen, C. Costa, L. Krippahl, I. Moura and J.J.G. Moura.
"The electron transfer complexes of cytochrome c peroxidase from Paracoccus denitrificans containing more than one cytochrome".
Biochemistry (2003) 42, 11968-11981.

3. C. Cunha, S. Macieira, J.M.Dias, M.G. Almeida, L.L.Gonçalves, C. Costa, J. Lampreia, R. Huber, J.J.G. Moura, I. Moura and M.J. Romão.
"Cytochrome c nitrite Reductase from Desulfovibrio desulfuricans ATCC 27774. The relevance of the two calcium sites in the structure of the catalytic subunit (NrfA)".
J.Biol. Chem. (2003) 278, 17455-17465.

4. M.G. Almeida, S. Macieira, L.L.Gonçalves, R. Huber, C. Cunha, M.J. Romão, C. Costa, J. Lampreia, J.J.G. Moura and I. Moura.
"The Isolation and Characterization of Cytochrome c Nitrite Reductase Subunits (NrfA and NrfH) from Desulfovibrio desulfuricans ATCC 27774. Re-evaluation of the spectroscopic data and redox properties".
Eur.J.Biochem. (2003) 270, 3904-3915.

5. G.N.George, C.Costa, J.J.G.Moura and I.Moura.
"Observation of ligand-based redox chemistry at the active site of a molybdenum enzyme".
JACS (1999) 121, 22621-26626.
Biological reduction of perchlorate.
Isolation, purification and characterization of metalloproteins, with