João Carlos da Silva Barbosa Sotomayor

Assistant Professor
Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Section
(+351) 212948352

Research Interests

Matrix Dispersed Liquid Crystals, PDLC Films with memory effect, Heterosupramolecular photovoltaic systems 

Main Publications

A.R.E. Brás, S. Henriques, T. Casimiro, A. Aguiar-Ricardo, J. Sotomayor, J. Caldeira, C. Santos, M. Dionísio, “Characterization of a nematic mixture by reversed-phase HPLC and UV spectroscopy: application to phase behaviour studies in liquid crystal-CO2 systems”, Liquid Crystals, 2007, 34(5), 591-597

Pedro Lisboa, Paulo Ribeiro, João Sotomayor,“A New Cost-Effective Diode Laser Polarimeter Apparatus Constructed by Undergraduate Students”, J. Chem Ed., 2010, 87(12), 1408-1410

Ana Mouquinho, Mara Saavedra, Alexandre Maiau, Krasimira Petrova, M. Teresa Barros, J. L. Figueirinhas, João Sotomayor,“Films based on new methacrylates monomers: synthesis, characterisation and electro-optical properties”,
Mol.Cryst.Liq.Cryst., 2011, 542, 132-140