Our Research is centred in 4 Thematic Lines that define focus areas of research and to which the Research Groups contribute with their complementary expertise:

- Biomolecular Interactions

- Drug Discovery

- Safety Assessment in Human & Environmental Health

- Molecular Diagnosis & Therapeutics


Research conducted at UCIBIO is highly interdisciplinary and integrative, organized around 8 research groups:

1- Chem4Omics (C4O)

2- Functional Molecules & Nanomaterials (FMN)

3- Structural Molecular Biology (SMB)

4- Molecular Microbiology (MM)

5- Theoretical & Computational Biochemistry (TCB)

6- Toxicology (TOXI)

7- Drugs Targets & Biomarkers (DTB)

8- Biomodels, Bioanalytics & Biophysics (BBB)


The organizational structure of UCIBIO supports its strategic plan and echoes the current research strengths and synergies within and between thematic lines and research groups. UCIBIO's portfolio of competences allows addressing complex problems from different but complementary angles and using both fundamental and applied perspectives.