Vitor João Salgueiro Rosa

Chemistry Section
(+351) 212948300

Research Interests

Coordination Chemistry
Inorganic and Organic synthesis
Homogenous catalysis (ROP, ATRP, CuAAC)
Organometallic Chemistry 

Main Publications

“Hydroformylation of alkenes in supercritical carbon dioxide catalysed by rhodium trialkylphosphins complexes”, M. F. Sellin, I. Bach, J. M. Webster, F. Montilla, V. Rosa, T. Avilés, M. Poliakoff, and D. J. Cole-Hamilton., J. Chem. Soc., Dalton Trans. 4569–4576 (2002).

“Trimethylsilyl-substituted ligands as solubilizers of metal complexes in supercritical carbon dioxide”, F. Montilla, V. Rosa, C. Prevett, T. Avilés M. Nunes da Ponte, D. Masi, C. Mealli., Dalton Trans. 2170–2176 (2003).

“Effect of trimethylsilyl substitution on the chemical properties of triarylphosphines and their corresponding metal complexes: solubilizing effect in supercritical carbon dioxide”, F. Montilla, V. Rosa, T. Avilés, A. Galindo., Dalton Trans. 2588–2592 (2004).

“Synthesis, solid state structures and EPR studies in polycrystalline and single crystal samples of alpha-diimine cobalt(II) complexes”, Vitor Rosa, Pablo J. Gonzalez, Teresa Avilés, Pedro T. Gomes, Richard Welter, Alberto C. Rizzi, Mario C. G. Passeggi, and Carlos D. Brondino., Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 4761 (2006).

“Synthesis, characterisation and solid state structures of αlpha-diimine cobalt(II) complexes. Ethylene polymerisation-tests”, V. Rosa; S. A. Carabineiro; T. Avilés; P. T. Go-mes; R. Welter; J.M. Campos; M.R. Ribeiro., J. Organomet. Chem. Vol. 693, 769-775 (2008).

“A new bis(1-naphthylimino)acenaphthene compound and its Pd(II) and Zn(II) com-plexes: Synthesis, characterization, solid state structures and density functional theory studies on the syn and anti isomers”, V. Rosa; T. Avilés; G.Aullon; B. Covelo; C. Lodeiro., Inorg. Chem. 47, 7734-7744 (2008).

“Synthesis and characterization of Co and Ni complexes stabilized by keto- and acet-amide-derived P,O-type phosphine ligands”, Agostinho, M.; Rosa, V.; Avilés, T.; Wel-ter, R.; Braunstein, P., Dalton Trans. 814–822 (2009).

“Structural and Stability Studies of New a-Diimine Complexes of Ag(I) and Cu(I): Experimental and Computational Comparison”, Vitor Rosa, Carla I. M. Santos, Richard Welter, Gabriel Aullón, Carlos Lodeiro, and Teresa Avilés, Inorg. Chem. 49, 8699–8708 (2010).

“Synthesis, Characterization and Reactivity of Cationic Gold(I) α-Diimine Complexes”, Pierre de Frémont, Hervé Clavier, Vitor Rosa, Teresa Avilés, and Pierre Braunstein, Organometallics, 30 (8), 2241–2251 (2011).