Luísa Bernardina Lopes Maia

Assistant Researcher
Biochemistry and Biophysics Section
Lab. 405
(+351) 212948300

Research Interests

Structure-function relationships of active sites of metalloenzymes involved in production and defence against reactive oxygen and nitrogen species (ROS and RNS).
Xanthine oxidase and dehydrogenase; aldehyde oxidase and oxidoreductase; superoxide dismutase and reductase.
Formation and elimination of ROS and RNS; superoxide radical anion, hydrogen peroxide and nitric oxide radical.
Oxidative stress and ROS/RNS-mediated diseases.
EPR and NMR spectroscopies (as tools for studying enzyme molecular mechanisms); enzymology, bioinorganic chemistry.

Main Publications

• “Nitrite reduction by xanthine oxidase family enzymes: a new class of nitrite reductases", Maia, L., Moura, J.J.G. (2010), J. Biol. Inorg. Chem., 16, 443-460.
• “NADH oxidase activity of rat and humam liver xanthine oxidoreductase - Potencial role in superoxide production", Maia, L., Duarte, R.O., Ponces-Freire, A., Moura, J.J.G., e Mira, L. (2007), J. Biol. Inorg. Chem., 12, 777-787.
• “NADH oxidase activity of rat liver xanthine dehydrogenase and xanthine oxidase - Contribution for damage mechanisms", Maia, L., Vala, A., e Mira, L. (2005), Free Rad. Res., 39, 979-986.
• “Xanthine Oxidase and Aldehyde Oxidase: A simple procedure for the simutaneous purification from rat liver”, Maia, L., e Mira, L. (2002), Arch. Biochem. Biophys., 400, 48-53.
• “Evidence for free radical generation due to NADH oxidation by aldehyde oxidase during ethanol metabolism”, Mira, L., Maia, L., Barreira, L., e Manso, C. (1995), Arch. Biochem. Biophys., 318, 53-58.