Inês Alexandra Morgado do Nascimento Matos

Principal Researcher
Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Section
(+351) 212948300

Research Interests

Heterogeneous catalyst, Polymerization, Polymers, Acid Base catalysis 

Main Publications

1. Elena Pérez-Mayoral; Ines Matos; Isabel Fonseca; Jiri Cejka “Zeolites efficiently promoting the cyclization of non-activated unsaturated alcohols” ; Chemistry: an European journal 2010, 16, 12079 – 12082

2. A. M. Martins; L. G Alves; M. Augusta Antunes; I. Matos; R. F Munhá; M. T. Duarte; A. C Fernandes; M. Mercês Marques “Reactivity of a New Family of Diamido-Diamine Cyclam-Based Zirconium complexes in Ethylene Polymerization” Inorganica Chimica Acta 363 (2010) 1823-1830

3. I. Matos, Elena Pérez-Mayoral, E. Soriano, A. Zukal, R. M. Martín-Aranda, A. J. López-Peinado, I. Fonseca, J. Čejka “Experimental and theoretical study of pyrazole N-alkylation catalyzed by basic modified molecular sieves”, Chemical Engineering Journal, 161 (2010) 377-383

4. A. Coelho; I. M Fonseca; I. Matos; M. M. Marques; M. A. Lemos; F. Lemos, “Catalytic Degradation of Low and High Density Polyethylene Using Ethylene Polymerization Catalysts: Kinetic Studies using simultaneous TG/DSC Analysis” Applied Catalysis A: General 374, 170-179 (2010)

5. D.S. Pito, I. Matos, I.M. Fonseca, A.M. Ramos, J. Vital, J.E. Castanheiro, “Methoxylation of α-pinene over heteropolyacids imomobilized in silica” Applied Catalysis A: General, 373 (1-2), 140-146 (2010)