Carla Maria Carvalho Gil Brazinha de Barros Ferreira

Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Section
(+351) 212948300

Research Interests

Membrane separation processes
Aroma recovery in natural matrices
Recovery, concentration and purification of compounds with bioactivity from natural matrices
On-line monitoring by mass spectrometry 

Main Publications

C. Brazinha, D.S. Barbosa and J.G. Crespo, Sustainable Recovery of Pure Natural Vanillin from Fermentation Media in a Single Pervaporation Step, Green Chemistry, accepted for publication.
C. Brazinha and J.G. Crespo, Membrane processing: Natural antioxidants from winemaking by-products, Filtration & Separation, 47, 2 (2010) 32-35.
P.S. Kulkarni, C. Brazinha, C.A.M. Afonso and J.G. Crespo, Selective extraction of natural products with benign solvents and recovery by organophilic pervaporation: fractionation of D-limonene from orange peels, Green Chemistry, 12, 11 (2010) 1990-1994.
C. Brazinha, A.P. Fonseca, O.M.N.D. Teodoro and J.G. Crespo, On-line and Real-time Monitoring of Organophilic Pervaporation by Mass Spectrometry, Journal of Membrane Science, 347, 1-2 (2010) 83-92.
C. Brazinha, V.D. Alves, R.M.C. Viegas and J.G. Crespo, Aroma recovery by integration of sweeping gas pervaporation and liquid absorption in membrane contactors, Separation and Purification Technology, 70, 1 (2009) 103-111.
C. Brazinha, and J.G. Crespo, Aroma Recovery from Hydro Alcoholic Solutions by Organophilic Pervaporation: Modelling of Fractionation by Condensation, Journal of Membrane Science, 341, 1-2 (2009) 109-121.