Ana Belén Pereiro Estévez

Assistant Researcher
Secção de Engenharia Química e Bioquímica
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Research Interests

Research interests are centred on: synthesis and thermodynamic behaviour of ionic liquids (ILs); liquid-liquid and vapour-liquid equilibrium; solubility mechanisms of ILs in water and other solvents; separation of azeotropic mixtures; purification and characterization of ILs; self-aggregation behaviour of ILs in water; drug delivery system based on biomolecules; extraction processes; modelling and simulation. 

Current projects:

As principal investigator - "Fluorinated Ionic Liquids: New Engineering Solvents for Separation Processes" (Eduardo Sosa, PhD; Sergi Gomez, MSc); "Design of Fluorinated Ionic Liquids as Novel Task-Specific Fluids" (Nicole Vieira, PhD; Margarida Ferreira, PhD; Maria André, BI; Paulo Castro, BI; Ana Luísa Oliveira, MSc)

As coordinator - "KET4F-GAS Environmental Impact Mitigation of Fluorinates Gases using Key Enabling Technologies" (19 partners: 6 academic institutions, 1 public administration, 1 European platform, 1 Environmental Federation, 1 NGO, 1 Innovation Cluster, 2 private and public foundations and 6 industrial partners)

As team member - "Bridging Nature-Inspired Ionic Fluids and Microfluidic Aqueous Biphasic Systems for the Purification of Monoclonal Antibodies" (Joana Bastos, PhD; Sara Carvalho, PhD)

Main Publications

65 published articles, 2536 citations (SCOPUS data), h-index 32.

ResearcherID: Q-4688-2018

Relevant publications as corresponding author (ORCID: orcid.org/0000-0001-7166-6764):

Joana C. Bastos, Sara F. Carvalho, Tom Welton, José N. Canongia Lopes, Luís Paulo N. Rebelo, Karina Shimizu, João M. M. Araújo and Ana B. Pereiro*. "Design of task-specific fluorinated ionic liquids: nanosegregation versus hydrogen-bonding ability in aqueous solutions". Chemical Communications (IF = 6.290) 54, 2018, 3524-3527, doi: 10.1039/C8CC00361K 

Márcia Alves, Nicole S. M. Vieira, Luís Paulo N. Rebelo, João M. M. Araújo, Ana B. Pereiro*, Margarida Archer. "Fluorinated Ionic Liquids for Protein Drug Delivery Systems: investigating their impact on the structure and function of lysozyme". International Journal of Pharmaceutics (IF = 3.862) 526, 2017, 309-320, doi: 0.1016/j.ijpharm.2017.05.002

Margarida L. Ferreira, María J. Pastoriza-Gallego, João M. M. Araújo, José N. Canongia Lopes, Luís Paulo N. Rebelo, Manuel M. Piñeiro, Karina Shimizu, Ana B. Pereiro*. "The Influence of Nanosegregation on the Phase Behavior of Fluorinated Ionic Liquids". Journal of Physical Chemistry C (IF =4.484) 121, 2017, 5415–5427, doi: 10.1021/acs.jpcc.7b00516

Ana M. Ferreira, Pedro D. O. Esteves, Isabel Boal-Palheiros, Ana B. Pereiro*, Luís Paulo N. Rebelo, Mara G. Freire. "Enhanced tunability afforded by aqueous biphasic systems formed by fluorinated ionic liquids and carbohydrates". Green Chemistry (IF = 9.125) 18, 2016, 1070-1079, doi: 10.1039/c5gc01610j.
This work unveils the formation of novel aqueous biphasic systems (ABS) formed by perfluoroalkylsulfonate-based ionic liquids (ILs) and a large number of carbohydrates (monosaccharides, disaccharides and polyols) aiming at establishing more benign alternatives.

A.B. Pereiro*, J.M.M. Araújo, F.S. Teixeira, I.M. Marrucho, M.M. Piñeiro, L.P.N. Rebelo. "Aggregation Behavior and Total Miscibility of Fluorinated Ionic Liquids in Water". Langmuir (IF = 3.993), 31, 2015, 1283-1295, doi: 10.1021/la503961h.
This paper provides for the first time the complete water solubility of non-toxic fluorinated ionic liquids (FILs) demonstrating improved surfactant behaviour with distinct self-assembled structures.

A.B. Pereiro*, M.J. Pastoriza-Gallego, K. Shimizu, I.M. Marrucho, J.N.C. Lopes, M.M. Piñeiro, L.P.N. Rebelo. "On the Formation of a New, Third, Nanostructured Domain in Ionic Liquids". Journal of Physical Chemistry B (IF=3.377) 117, 2013, 10826-10833, doi: 10.1021/jp402300c.
The formation of 3 nanosegregated domains (polar, non-polar and fluorous) was proved for the first time which represents a breakthrough in ionic liquids (ILs) research and opens new avenues for the improvement of extraction processes.

A.B. Pereiro*, J.M.M. Araújo, S. Martinho, F. Alves, S. Nunes, A. Matias, C.M.M. Duarte, L.P.N. Rebelo, I.M. Marrucho. "Fluorinated Ionic Liquids: Properties and Applications". ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering (IF = 4.642) 1, 2013, 427-439, doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.1021/sc300163n.
A critical review of FILs data was carried out to increase understanding of these novel compounds.

A.B. Pereiro*, J.M.M. Araújo, F.S. Oliveira, C.E.S. Bernardes, J.M.S.S. Esperança, José N. Canongia Lopes, Isabel M. Marrucho, Luís P. N. Rebelo. "Inorganic Salts in Purely Ionic Liquid Media: The Development of High Ionicity Ionic Liquids (HIILs)". Chemical Communications (IF=6.378) 48, 2012, 3656-3658, doi: 10.1039/C2CC30374D.
Listed as nº 2 amongst The Best ILs Articles from RSC in the Chemical Communications, 2012, this work demonstrated that High Ionicity ILs can be developed from the fine-tuned addition of an inorganic salt to an IL.

A. B. Pereiro*, J. M. M. Araújo, J. M. S. S. Esperança, I. M. Marrucho, L. P. N. Rebelo. "Ionic Liquids in Separations of Azeotropic Systems – A Review". Journal of Chemical Thermodynamics (Special Issue on Thermodynamics of Sustainable Processes) (IF=2.297) 46, 2012, 2-28, doi: 10.1016/j.jct.2011.05.026.

This paper was awarded both Hot Paper and Highly Cited Paper (ESI 2014) status; this systematic analysis of the influence of IL structure on their azeotrope breaking capacity contributed to the establishment of guidelines for selecting the most suitable IL for the separation of azeotropic mixtures.






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