Maria da Ascensão Carvalho Fernandes Miranda Reis

Full Professor
Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Section
(+351) 212948357

Research Interests

Main research interests have been in the area of Environmental/Industrial BioEngineering, with special focus on the development of sustainable bioprocesses for the removal of pollutants from water and wastewater streams and for the exploitation of industrial wastes for the production of biopolymers and bulk chemicals. Within this research area, published more than 100 papers in peer review journals. She is the co-author of 9 Book Chapters and presented about 200 presentations in International conferences. Is co-author of 4 National patents and 5 International Patents.

Main Publications

Within this research area, published more than 100 papers in peer review journals. She is the co-author of 9 Book Chapters and presented about 200 presentations in International conferences. Is co-author of 4 National patents and 5 International Patents.

Publications in the last 5 years
-LEMOS, P.C., L.S. SERAFIM, , M.A.M. REIS. Tailored synthesis of polyhydroxyalkanotes from different short-chain fatty acids by mixed cultures submitted to aerobic dynamic feeding. Journal of Biotechnology, 122, 226-238, 2006.
- MATOS, C., VELIZAROV, S., CRESPO, J.G., REIS, M.A.M. Simultaneous removal of perchlorate and nitrate from drinking water in an ion exchange membrane bioreactor. Water Research, 40, 231-240, 2006.
-CORREIA, P., R. A. BOAVENTURA, M. A. M. REIS, O. C. NUNES. Effect of operating parameters on molinate biodegradation. Water Research, 40, 331-340, 2006.
- SERAFIM, L.S., P.C. LEMOS, S. ROSSETTI, C. LEVANTESI, V. TANDOI, M.A.M. REIS. Microbial community Analysis with a high PHA storage capacity. Water Science
- MATOS, C., VELIZAROV, S., REIS, M.A.M, CRESPO, J.G. Optimization of the removal of toxic mono-valent anions from water supplies in the ion exchange membrane bioreactor, Desalination, 199 (1-3), 322-324,2006.
- OEHMEN, A, VIEGAS, R., VELIZAROV, S., REIS, MAM, CRESPO, JG. Removal of heavy metals from drinking water supplies through the ion exchange membrane bioreactor, Desalination, 199 (1-3), 405-407, 2006.
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- ALBUQUERQUE, M. G.E., M. EIROA, C. TORRES, B. R. NUNES, M. A. M. REIS. Strategies for the Development of a Side Stream Process for Polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) Production from Sugar Cane Molasses”, Journal of Biotechnology, 130 (4), 411-421, 2007.
- CARVALHO, G.A., P.C. LEMOS, OEHMEN, A, M.A.M.REIS. Denitrifying phosphorus removal: linking the process performance with the microbial community structure, Water Research 41(19): 4383-4396, 2007.
- VELIZAROV, S.; A. BARREIROS; C. T. MATOS; M. A. REIS; J. G. CRESPO. The Pressure-driven Membrane Bioreactor vs. the Ion Exchange Membrane Bioreactor for the Removal of Toxic Anions from Drinking Water Supplies: Advantages and Limitations. Filtration, Vol. 7, 54-58, 2007.
- DIAS J.M.L., OEHMEN A, SERAFIM L.S., LEMOS P.C., REIS M.A.M, OLIVEIRA R. Development and implementation of a nonparametric metabolic model in the process optimization of PHA production by mixed microbial cultures. Computer Aided Chemical Engineering, 24, 995-1000, 2007.
- VELIZAROV, S., MATOS, C., OEHMEN, A., SERRA, S., REIS, A.M., CRESPO, J.G. Removal of inorganic charged micropollutants from drinking water supplies by hybrid ion exchange membrane processes. Desalination , 223, 85-90, 2008.
- LEMOS P. C., C. LEVANTESI, L. S. SERAFIM, S. ROSSETTI, M. A. M. REIS, V. TANDOI. Microbial characterization of polyhydroxyalkanotates storing populations selected under different operating conditions using a cell-sorting RT_PCR approach. Appl. Microb. Biotech., 78(2), 351-360, 2008.
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- MATOS C. T., R. FORTUNATO, S. VELIZAROV, M. A.M. REIS, J. G. CRESPO Removal of mono-valent oxyanions from water in an ion exchange membrane bioreactor: Influence of membrane permselectivity. Water Research, 42, 1785 – 1795, 2008.
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100. GALINHA, C., CARVALHO, G., PORTUGAL, C.A.M., GUGLIELMI, G., OLIVEIRA, R., CRESPO, J.G. AND REIS, M.A.M. Real-time monitoring of membrane bioreactors with 2D-fluorescence data and statistically-based models. Water Science and Technology-Water Supply (in press)


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