Manuel Luís de Magalhães Nunes da Ponte

Full Professor
Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Section

Research Interests

Research interests are centred on Supercritical Carbon Dioxide applications to Separation and Reaction. Recently, he focused his research on high pressure CO2 as solvent and reactant. 

Main Publications

Some recent publications
• Ewa Bogel-Łukasik, Julia Wind, Rafał Bogel-Łukasik, Manuel Nunes da Ponte. The influence of hydrogen pressure on the heterogeneous hydrogenation of -myrcene in a CO2-expanded liquid . J.Supercritical Fluids 2010, 54, 46–52
• V. I. Anikeev, A. Yermakova, Ewa Bogel-Lukasik, Manuel Nunes da Ponte. Kinetics of Limonene Hydrogenation in High-Pressure CO2 at Variation of Hydrogen Pressure. Ind. Eng. Chem. Res. 2010, 49, 2084–2090
• V. Najdanovic-Visak, M. Nunes da Ponte , M. Manic, Z.P. Visak. Extraction of Free Fatty Acids from Soybean Oil using Ionic Liquids or Poly(ethyleneglycol)s. AIChE J. 2011 57, 1344-1355
• “Phase Equilibrium and Reaction in Biphasic Solvents Ionic Liquid + Supercritical CO2” Plenary lecture at the12th European Symposium on Supercritical Fluids, Graz, Austria, 9-12 May 2010