João Paulo Serejo Goulão Crespo

Full Professor
Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Section
(+351) 212949668

Main Publications

“Probing the change of enzymatic activity of horseradish peroxidase induced by membrane permeation using tryptophan fluorescence”. C. A. M. Portugal, J.C. Lima, J.G. Crespo. J. Memb. Sci. 284 (1-2), 180-192, 2006. 

“Direct integration of pervaporation as a sample preparation method for a dedicated "electronic nose"” C. Pinheiro, T. Schafer, J. G. Crespo. Anal. Chem. 77 (15), 4927-4935, 2005.

“Membrane bioreactors for the removal of anionic micropollutants from drinking water” J. G. Crespo, S. Velizarov, M. A. M. Reis. Curr. Op. Biotech. 15 (5), 463-468, 2004.

“Supported liquid membranes using ionic liquids: study of stability and transport mechanisms” R. Fortunato, C. A. M. Afonso, M. A. M. Reis, J. G. Crespo. J. Memb. Sci. 242 (1-2), 197-209, 2004.

“Two-dimensional fluorometry coupled with artificial neural networks: A novel method for on-line monitoring of complex biological processes” G. Wolf, J. S. Almeida, C. Pinheiro, V. Correia, C. Rodrigues, M. A. M. Reis, J. G. Crespo . Biotech. Bioeng. 72 (3), 297-306, 2001.