Ana Maria Martelo Ramos

Associate Professor
Secção de Engenharia Química e Bioquímica
(+351) 212948385

Main Publications

J.L. Ferreira, M.J. Melo, A.M. Ramos, PVAc Paints in Works of Art: a Photochemical Approach – Part 1, POLYMER DEGRADATION AND STABILITY, 95 (2010) 453-461

C.S. Caetano, L. Guerreiro, I.M. Fonseca, A.M. Ramos, J. Vital, J.E. Castanheiro, Esterification of Fatty Acids to Biodiesel Over Polymers with Sulfonic Acid Groups, APPLIED CATALYSIS A: GENERAL, 359 (2009) 41-46. 

F. Paradela, F. Pinto, A.M. Ramos, I. Gulyurtlu, I. Cabrita, Study of the Slow Batch Pyrolysis of Mixtures of Plastics, Tyres and Forestry Biomass Wastes, JOURNAL OF ANALYTICAL AND APPLIED PYROLYSIS, 85 (2009) 392-398. 

M.L. Fiorese, F. Freitas, J. Pais, A.M. Ramos, G.M. Falcão de Aragão, M.A.M. Reis, Recovery of P(3HB) from Cupriavidus Necator Biomass by Solvent Extraction with 1,2-Propylene Carbonate, ENGINEERING IN LIFE SCIENCES, 9 (6) (2009) 454-461.

L.S. Serafim, P.C. Lemos, M.A.M. Reis, A.M. Ramos, R. Oliveira, The Influence of Process Parameters on the Characteristics of PHA Produced by Mixed Cultures, MACROLECULAR BIOSCIENCE, 4 (2008) 355-366 

L. Hilliou, F.D.S. Laratonda, P. Abreu, A.M. Ramos, A.M. Sereno, M.P. Gonçalves, Effect of Extraction Parameters on the Chemical Structure and Gel Properties of k/t-Hybrid Carrageenans Obtained from Mastocarpus stellatus, BIOMOLECULAR ENGINEERING, 23 (4) (2006) 201-208.