Ana Isabel Nobre Martins Aguiar de Oliveira Ricardo

Full Professor
Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Section
(+351) 212949648

Main Publications

“Molecular interactions and CO2-philicity in supercritical CO2. A high-pressure NMR and molecular modeling study of a perfluorinated polymer in scCO2”. M. Temtem, T. Casimiro, A. Gil Santos, A.L. Macedo, J. Cabrita, A. Aguiar-Ricardo,J. Phys. Chem., in press. 

“Green synthesis of a temperature sensitive hydrogel”. M. Temtem, T. Casimiro, J.F. Mano, A. Aguiar-Ricardo, Green Chemistry, 9, 75-79, 2007. 

“Solvent power and depressurization rate effects in the formation of polysulfone membranes with CO2 – assisted phase inversion method”. M. Temtem, T. Casimiro, A. Aguiar-Ricardo, J. Membrane Science, 283(1-2), 244-252, 2006.

"Can the speed of sound be used for detecting critical states of fluid mixtures?". J.C.R. Reis, N. Ribeiro, A. Aguiar-Ricardo, J. Phys. Chem., 110, 478-484, 2006.. 

“Supercritical fluid polymerisation and impregnation of molecularly imprinted polymers for drug delivery”. A.R.C. Duarte, T. Casimiro, A. Aguiar-Ricardo, A.L. Simplício, C.M.M. Duarte, J. Supercrit. Fluids, 39, 102-106, 2006. 


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