Ana Cecília Afonso Roque

Full Professor
Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Section
(+351) 212948385

Research Interests

The domain of specialization is Biotechnology and the fields of Synthetic Biology, Bioprocessing and Nanobiotechnology.

Current research projects focus on:

1- Synthetic Biology
Development of novel affinity reagents based on de novo designed synthetic and peptidomimetic scaffolds, selective for biopharmaceuticals (e.g. antibodies, recombinant proteins and protein isoforms). Molecular modeling, combinatorial libraries and high-throughput screening methods are utilized as tools for the design and selection of these novel affinity reagents.

2- Affinity bioseparation
Downstream processing using affinity reagents coupled to several separation matrices; design of process integration.

3- Smart-responsive platforms
Development of magnetic nanoparticles as smart responsive platforms for biomedical applications (e.g. drug delivery and theranostics); development of biosensing devices based on liquid crystals. 

Main Publications

Dias AM, Marcos AS, Hussain A, Roque ACA (2011), “A biotechnological perspective on the application of iron oxide magnetic colloids modified with polysaccharides”, Biotechnology Advances, 29: 142-155.

Pina AS, Lowe CR, Roque ACA (2010) “Comparison of fluorescence labelling techniques for the selection of affinity ligands from solid-phase combinatorial libraries”, Separation Science and Technology, 45 (15): 2187-2193.

Batalha IL, Hussain A, Roque ACA (2010) "Gum Arabic coated magnetic nanoparticles with affinity for antibodies" Journal of Molecular Recognition, 23 (5): 462-471.

Barroso TG, Temtem M, Hussain A, Aguiar-Ricardo A, Roque ACA (2010), "Preparation of a green cellulose-based affinity membrane for antibody purification", Journal of Membrane Science, 348 (1-2): 224-230.

Roque ACA, Bicho A, Batalha IL, Cardoso AS, Hussain A (2009) "Biocompatible and bioactive gum Arabic coated iron oxide magnetic nanoparticles", Journal of Biotechnology 144 (4), 313-320.

Hussain A, Pina AS, Roque ACA (2009) "Bio-recognition and detection using liquid crystals", Biosensors & Bioelectronics 25 (1), 1-8. 


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