Henrique José Rodrigues Guedes

Assistant Professor

Main Publications

“Density, Speed of Sound, and Derived Thermodynamic Properties of Ionic Liquids over an Extended Pressure Range. 4. [C3mim][NTf2] and [C5mim][NTf2]” J.M. S. S. Esperança, Z.P. Visak, N.V. Plechkova, K.R. Seddon, H.J.R. Guedes, L.P.N. Rebelo J. Chem. Eng. Data, 51,2009-2015, 2006

“Changing from an unusual high-temperature demixing to a UCST-type in mixtures of 1-alkyl-3-methylimidazolium bis{(trifluoromethyl)sulfonyl} amide and arenas” J. Lachwa, J. Szydlowski, A. Makowska, K.R. Seddon, J.M.S.S. Esperança, H.J.R. Guedes, L.P.N. Rebelo,” Green Chemistry 8, 262-267, 2006

“Fluid phase behaviour of {1-hexyl-3-methylimidazolium bis(trifluoromethylsulfonyl)imide, [C6mim][NTf2] + C2-C8 n-alcohols} mixtures: liquid-liquid equilibrium and excess volumes”, J. Lachwa, P. Morgado, J.M.S.S. Esperança, H.J.R. Guedes, J.N. Canongia Lopes, L.P.N. Rebelo, J. Chem. Eng. Data, 51, 2215-2221, 2006

“Evidence for Lower Critical Solution Behavior in Ionic Liquid Solutions” J. Lachwa, J. Szydlowski, V. Najdanovic-Visak, L.P.N. Rebelo, K.R. Seddon, M. Nunes da Ponte, J.M.S.S. Esperança, H.J.R. Guedes, , J. Am. Chem. Soc., 127, 6542 – 6543, 2005

“Acoustic determination of thermophysical properties and critical parameters of R410A and critical line of CO2 + (1-x) R410A”, N. Ribeiro, T. Costa, A. Aguiar-Ricardo, J.M.S.S. Esperança, P.F. Pires, H.J.R. Guedes, J. Chem. Eng. Data, 51,1906-1914, 2006