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Information about University’s Petty Cash,
Rules for Petty Cash Processing in the Chemistry Departament

1. The documents must be delivered at DQ’s Office 230 in the month in which the expense occurs; documents will not be accepted 3 months after the invoice date (e. g., deliver documents from January in May)

2. In addition to the physical delivery of the document(s), a pdf file with the same document(s) should be sent to dq.gestao@campus.fct.unl.pt

3. The documents must not be strikethrough or having any indications written in it. You can write with a pencil on the back of the invoice (name and cost center) or send it by email

General Rules on using the Petty Cash
Petty Cash is intended for small purchases, in order to meet urgent and unpostponable needs, where it is not possible to pay for them through a normal expense process.
1. The supporting documents for incurred expenses must:
1.1. Be issued in the name of FCT NOVA with the indication of the NIPC 501559094;
1.2. Have all the information considered for tax purposes, such as the supplier's VAT, address, document number and the description of the material supplied (descriptions such as "office supplies" are not accepted);
1.3. The same principle is required for foreign documents and, in this case, when paid in a currency other than the Euro, an estimate of the equivalent value in Euros must be provided.
2. Expenses with transportation (cabs), meals and other similar items can only be authorized with proper justification (cab trips must indicate the route and the reason for the urgency or indispensability of the trip);
3. Only documents for the current economic year will be accepted;
4. Under no circumstances will be accepted purchases of equipment or non-stockable material, as well as purchases worth more than 200 euros (VAT included).
5. Printer ink, toner and other office supplies can only be acquired through petty cash if the urgency of the matter is justified and without which the service cannot continue (attach proof of requisition to the Economato and a notification informing that there is no stock);