Master in Biotechnology


Started in the academic year 2006/2007. The minimum number of credits for the degree is 120 (2 years). 


The Master in Biotechnology at NOVA provides the ideal training for the development of a successful career in the field of Biotechnology. It offers an interdisciplinary curriculum, essential for the development of new biotechnologies, covering the areas of science and still emerging topics of business development, legal and ethical issues.

The internationalization of the curriculum is strongly encouraged, as well as training profiles in major subject areas - Nanobiotechnology and Molecular Biotechnology, Industrial Biotechnology, Bioentrepreneurship and Technology Transfer.

Students are welcomed into an environment of high scientific qualification in two research centers with international recognition: UCIBIO and LAQV, as well as other research centers, national and international with which collaborations are maintained. The IBET, the largest platform of Portuguese university / industry collaboration in Biotechnology, and ITQB are also partners associated with the Master in Biotechnology.


Career opportunities

The versatility and high quality training in Biotechnology provides excellent career opportunities both nationally and internationally - covering activities in Research and Development, Technology Transfer and Innovation, Production and Quality Control, Management and Commercial Services, Training / Teaching in Universities, Research Centers, Business, and (Bio) Pharmaceuticals, Agro-Food, Environmental and Biomedical Industries.



Tuition fee:

Portuguese students: 1063,47 €/year

Foreign students: 7000 €/year 60% reduction for CPLP (Community of Portuese Language Countries) students


1st phase: 6th march to 23rd June
(The candidates without the final degree certificate by 23 June can apply as long as they are able to present it at date of their admission (taking place in early August). They should however upload the documentation that certifies their final degree mark.
2nd phase: 26th to 31st August 


Entrance requirements for the 2017/2018 academic year



Admission rules:

  1. Degree holder in named area or in the Exact Sciences and Technology areas;
  2. Holders of a foreign academic degree in required areas conferred following the 1st cycle of studies according to the Bologna Process;
  3. Holders of a foreign academic degree in required areas recognized as meeting the objectives of the Bachelor´s degree by the Scientific Council of the Faculty of Science and Technology;
  4. Holders of an academic, scientific or professional curriculum that is recognized as attesting the capacity to accomplish referred cycle of studies by the Scientific Council of the Faculty of Science and Technology.


  • Course classification;
  • Academic and scientific curriculum;
  • Professional curriculum;
  • Possible interview.

Course coordinator:

Professor Carlos Alberto Gomes Salgueiro