Marcia Martins Gonçalves Marcão Ventura

Post-Doc Researcher
Secção de Química
(+351) 212948300
(+351) 212948550

Research Interests

- Sol-gel technology applied to glass production
- Synthesis and characterization of nanoparticles
- Glass colouration by coating using thin films 

Main Publications

1. M.G. Ventura, M.C. Freitas, A.M.G. Pacheco (2005). Selenium levels in mainland Portugal. Water, Air, & Soil Pollution 166, 167-179.
2. M.G. Ventura, M.C. Freitas, A.M.G. Pacheco, Thea van Meerten, and Hubert Theodore Wolterbeek (2007). Selenium content in selected Portuguese foodstuffs. European Food Research and Technology 224, 395-401.
3. M.G. Ventura, V. Stibilj, M.C. Freitas, A.M.G. Pacheco (2009). Determination of ultratrace levels of selenium in fruit and vegetable samples consumed in Portugal. Food Chemistry 115, 200-206.
4. M.G. Ventura, A.J. Parola, C.A.T. Laia (2010). Formation of Eu(III) Nanoparticles on Borosilicate Sol-Gel Studied with Time-Resolved Luminiscence Techniques. Journal of Physical Chemistry C 114, 18414-18422.
5. M.G. Ventura, A.J. Parola, A.P. Matos (2011). Influence of heat treatment on the colour of Au and Ag glasses produced by the sol-gel pathway. Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 357, 1342-1349.