João Miguel Lopes Dias

Post-Doc Researcher
Secção de Engenharia Química e Bioquímica
(+351) 212948300
(+351) 212948550

Research Interests

- Mechanistic and hybrid modeling from molecular to macroscopic scale
- Monitoring of intracellular and macroscopic state variables of biological and chemical processes
- Static and dynamic optimization of biological and chemical processes.
- Polyhydroxyalkanoates production by pure and mixed cultures
- Expression and glycosilation of therapeutic proteins by animal cells (BHK) and Pichia pastoris
- Software development in Matlab™ 

Main Publications

- Dias JML, Oliveira R, Semmens M. Modelling NOM removal by softening in a surface water treatment plant. Water Research. Submitted.
- Semmens M, Oliveira R, Dias JML. Modelling surface water ultrafiltration by modular projection to latent structures (PLS). Water Research. Submitted.
- Ferreira AR, Ataíde F, von Stosch M, Dias JML, Clemente JJ, Cunha AE, Oliveira R. Improving heterologous protein productivity of Pichia pastoris processes by adaptive process control: application to the production of an antibody fragment under the GAP promoter. Journal of Biotechnology. Submitted.
- Ferreira AR, Teixeira AP, Portela R, Isidro I, Dias JML, Oliveira R. Envirome-guided metabolic reconstruction by projection to latent pathways (PLP). BMC Systems Biology. Submitted.
- Pardelha F, Albuquerque MGE, Reis MAM, Oliveira R, Dias JML. Metabolic modelling of polyhydroxyalkanoates production from complex mixtures of volatile fatty acids by mixed microbial cultures. New Biotechnology. Submitted.
- Teixeira AP, Dias JML, Carinhas N, Sousa M, Clemente JJ, Cunha AE, Alves PM, Carrondo MJT, Oliveira R. 2011. Cell functional enviromics: unravelling the function of environmental factors. BMC Systems Biology 5:92.
- Guerreiro L, Pereira PM, Fonseca IM, Martin-Aranda RM, Ramos AM, Dias JML, Oliveira R, Vital J. 2010. PVA embedded hydrotalcite membranes as basic catalysts for biodiesel synthesis by soybean oil methanolysis. Catalysis Today. 156(3-4):191-197.
- Dias JML, Pardelha F, Eusébio M, Reis MAM, Oliveira R. 2009. On-line adaptive metabolic flux analysis: application to PHB production by mixed microbial cultures. Biotechnology Progress 25(2): 390-398
- Dias JML, Pardelha F, Eusébio M, Reis MAM, Oliveira R. 2009. On-line monitoring of PHB production by mixed microbial cultures using respirometry, titrimetry and chemometric modelling. Process Biochemistry 44(4):419-427.
- Teixeira AP, Portugal CAM, Carinhas N, Dias JML, Crespo JP, Alves PM, Carrondo M, Oliveira R. 2008. 2D fluorometry and chemometric monitoring of mammalian cell cultures. Biotechnology and Bioengineering 102(4)1098-1106.
- Dias JML, Oehmen A, Serafim LS, Lemos PC, Reis MAM, Oliveira R. 2008. Metabolic modelling of polyhydroxyalkanoate co-polymers production by mixed microbial cultures. BMC Systems Biology 2:59.
- Teixeira AP, Carinhas N, Dias JML, Cruz P, Alves PM, Carrondo MJT, Oliveira R. 2007. Hybrid semi-parametric mathematical systems: Bridging the gap between systems biology and process engineering. Journal of Biotechnology 132(4):418-425.
- Dias JML, Lemos PC, Serafim LS, Oliveira C, Eiroa M, Albuquerque MGE, Ramos AM, Oliveira R, Reis MAM. 2006. Recent advances in polyhydroxyalkanoate production by mixed aerobic cultures: From the substrate to the final product. Macromolecular Bioscience 6(11):885-906.
- Dias JML, Serafim LS, Lemos PC, Reis MAM, Oliveira R. 2005. Mathematical modelling of a mixed culture cultivation process for the production of polyhydroxybutyrate. Biotechnology and Bioengineering. 92(2):209-222.