Cristina Maria Grade Couto da Silva Cordas

Post-Doc Researcher
Secção de Bioquímica e Biofísica
(+351) 212948300
(+351) 212948550

Research Interests

Electrochemistry; Biological systems; Metalloproteins; Biocorrosion; New conducting materials; Biosensors 

Main Publications

Filipe Folgosa, Cristina M. Cordas, Joana A. Santos, Alice S. Pereira, José J.G. Moura, Pedro Tavares, Isabel Moura, “New spectroscopic and electrochemical insights on a class I superoxide reductase: Evidence for an intramolecular electron transfer pathway”, Biochemical Journal (2011), doi:10.1042/BJ20110836

Cristina M. Cordas, Isabel Moura, José J.G. Moura, "Direct electrochemical study of the multiple redox centers of hydrogenase from Desulfovibrio gigas", Bioelectrochemistry (2008), 74 (2008) 83-89

Cristina M. Cordas, L. Tiago Guerra, Catarina Xavier, José J.G. Moura, "Electroactive biofilms of sulphate reducing bacteria", Electrochim. Acta 54 (2008) 29-34

Cristina M. Cordas, Alice S. Pereira, Carlos E. Martins, Cristina G. Timóteo, Isabel Moura, Pedro Tavares, José J. G. Moura, “Nitric Oxide Reductase: Direct Electrochemistry and Electrocatalytic Activity”, ChemBioChem, 7 (2006) 1878-1881

F. Auchere., R. Sikkink, C. Cordas, P. Raleiras, P. Tavares, I. Moura, J. J. Moura, “Overexpression and purification of Treponema pallidum rubredoxin; kinetic evidence for a superoxide-mediated electron transfer with the superoxide reductase neelaredoxin.”, J. Biol. Inorg. Chem., 9:7 (2004) 839-849

C. M. Cordas, A. S. Viana, F.-P. Montforts, L. M. Abrantes, “Self-Assembled monolayers of Iron(III)porphyrin disulphide derivative on gold”, Electrochem. Comm., vol 5:1 (2003) 36-41

L. M. Abrantes, C. M. Cordas, E. Vieil, “EQCM study of polypyrrole modified electrodes doped with Keggin-type heteropolyanion for cation detection”, Electrochim. Acta, 47 (2002) 1481–1487